About the Foundation


The Executive Committee manages the Foundation in the ordinary course of business, employment of personnel other than an Executive Director, in the general handling of the affairs of the Foundation and in carrying out the purposes of the Foundation.

The Development Committee makes recommendations to the Board of Trustees regarding the types of new fund raising projects that should be undertaken for the ensuing year.

The Nominating Committee makes nominations to the Board of Trustees for elective offices, for the filling of vacancies in the Board of Trustees and for nominating Advisory Trustees.

The Organizational Committee evaluates the organizational structure of the Foundation to ensure that the organizational structure utilized corresponds with the needs of the Foundation.

The Scholarship Committee obtains scholarship applications from senior students of the various high schools in the school district, evaluates applications and recommends the winning scholarship applicants to the Board of Trustees.

The Finance Committee supervises and oversees the investments of the Foundation and handling of receipts and expenditures.

The Public Relations Committee approves and/or distributes information regarding the Foundation and/or its activities to the public.

The Golf Committee plans and implements the annual B. F. Adam Golf Classic.

The Gala Committee plans and implements the annual teacher recognition Salute to the Stars gala.

Special Committees may be authorized and created from time to time as necessary.