CFFCU Credit Card Program Donations for CFEF

Donations to Cy-Fair Educational Foundation are easy and automatic when you choose a Day or Night platinum card through CFFCU! It’s one of the easiest ways to help support CFEF, because you generate donations with transactions you make every day, at no additional cost to you.

The Day and Night Platinum Credit Card program supports non-profits. In addition to offering low rates, rewards, and other platinum card benefits to the cardholder, CFFCU’s program also generates donations for CFEF! Every signature-based transaction you make of $5.00 or more helps generate income that goes toward our efforts to provide scholarships to graduating Cy-Fair ISD seniors.

Generate Donations at No Cost to You

Are you ready to start generating donations for Cy-Fair Educational Foundation using Cy-Fair Federal Credit Union’s Day and Night Credit Card Program? Head over to their website to apply for a card!


Day and Night cards can both help generate donations for CFEF, and each card has different benefits. You simply name Cy-Fair Educational Foundation as the beneficiary to the transaction income shared by CFFCU. Then you can use your card as normal and be happy knowing that every time you buy groceries or treat yourself to dinner at your favorite restaurant with your card, you’re helping us build brighter futures for Cy-Fair ISD children.

Cy-Fair Federal Credit Union unveiled its new Day & Night Platinum Credit Card program which supports non-profits.  In addition to offering low rates, rewards and other platinum card benefits to the cardholder, Cy-Fair FCU’s Day and Night Credit Cards generates donations for the Cy-Fair Educational Foundation simply with every-day transactions.

There are two card options – the Day Platinum Credit Card and the Night Platinum Credit Card.  Though CFEF is advertised as one of the select non-profits that cardholders can choose from on our Night Platinum card, both Day & Night cardholders can select the Cy-Fair Educational Foundation to be the beneficiary of the transaction income shared by CFFCU.  Keep in mind that there are no additional costs to the cardholder or to CFEF for generating donations through this program.

Below is the webpage dedicated to the CFFCU Day and Night Platinum Credit Cards that can provide greater details regarding these cards.