About Cy-Fair Educational Foundation

Cy-Fair Educational Foundation (CFEF) has been providing college scholarships for Cypress-Fairbanks ISD graduating seniors since 1970 and raising funds for staff development grants since 1998 with the inception of Salute to the Stars.

Our vision is to empower today’s students and tomorrow’s leaders through higher education.

As Cy-Fair ISD grows and opens new high schools, and as the cost of education increases, we must continually expand our donor base to raise more funds for students and staff. Cy-Fair independent school district has 12 high schools as of 2017 with the opening of Bridgeland High School. CFEF has awarded scholarships at each of these high schools and will continue this practice going forward. The need grows as Cy-Fair ISD enrollment continues to climb. We invite you to help students discover a brighter future by giving to CFEF.

There are many ways to get involved and help us provide scholarships and staff development grants for Cy-Fair ISD. Consider taking part in one of our donation programs, becoming an endowment partner, or attending or sponsoring one of our fundraising events. You can also donate online now!

Salute to the Stars

Cy-Fair Educational Foundation Structure

CFEF is dedicated to providing opportunities to Cy-Fair ISD students. Our structure is as follows to help us attain that goal:

The Leadership Committee composed of ten trustees, together with the executive director, are charged with the duties of managing the corporation in the ordinary course of business.

The Executive Committee, consisting of the chair, chair-elect, vice-chair and executive director, have the authority to make the decisions of the Leadership Committee that need to be made before the next regular Leadership Committee meeting. Any and all such decisions made by the Executive Committee are reported to and ratified by the Leadership Committee.

The Nominating Committee makes nominations to the Board of Trustees for elective offices, for the filling of vacancies in the Board of Trustees and for nominating Trustees and Auxiliary Trustees.

The Scholarship Committee obtains scholarship applications from senior students of the various high schools in the school district, evaluates applications, and recommends the winning scholarship applicants to the Board of Trustees.

The Finance Committee supervises and oversees the investments of the Foundation and handling of receipts and expenditures.

The Audit Committee hires an external auditor; approves the engagement letter by and between the Foundation and the auditor; reviews and approves the audit plans; evaluates the auditor’s performance; and supervises the audit function directly to verify that the auditors are independent of management and that the auditors are objective in their findings.