Spring 2015 Enrollment Form Part II


  • Policy Statement With your scholarship comes the responsibility of filing the appropriate paperwork with our office. Volunteers of the CFEF work year round to raise money to continue our scholarship programs and without them you would not be receiving this scholarship. The following are the terms and conditions of your scholarship: o The name and address of the college you attend must be forwarded to our office with your Enrollment Form Part I. o You will be responsible for downloading the Enrollment Forms fromour website at www.thecfef.org and submitting them via mail to the address provided. o You must maintain full time (12 hours or 9 hours Schroeder) student status. o A GPA of 2.5 for the academic year must be maintained or your scholarship will be forfeited. The only exception is for the Hall Scholarship which has a requirement of 3.0 for the academic year. o Each semester an OFFICIAL transcript must be sent to our office. o You must provide verification of enrollment from the college registrar. It is understood by the CFEF that your enrollment cannot be verified until twelve (12) days into the semester. The college form or the CFEF form may be used. o You must keep the CFEF apprised of your current college address, phone number and email address. o Recipient agrees to be an active participant in the CFEF Mentoring Program. o You must provide the CFEF with a picture of yourself with the initial enrollment form. o You must provide a thank you letter to the CFEF/Donor annually. o It is your responsibility to abide by these terms and conditions. Reminders will not be sent from this office. o The CFEF may reproduce and/or duplicate any letter or photo that is submitted to the Foundation. o The use of letters and/or photos, if any, shall be withoutcompensation and may be used by the Foundation in direct mail, newspaper advertising, radio or television broadcast or any method of presentation. ACKNOWLEDGEMENT AND RECEIPT OF POLICY STATEMENT The undersigned acknowledges receipt of the Policy Statement of the scholarship program for the CY-FAIR EDUCATIONAL FOUNDATION, December 2014, and agrees to be bound to the terms and conditions contained therein.