Donate to Educate 2016

The Donate to Educate programs provides scholarships to graduating seniors.  This blog will touch on the kickoff to 2016’s program with classes beginning on August 22nd.

CFEF-Redesigned100% of the money raised from the Donate to Educate program benefits the CFEF scholarship fund.  The program allows employees to contribute to the Foundation by making a one-time donation or through payroll deductions.  Over 1,200 teachers and staff in CFISD contribute to Donate to Educate on an annual basis.  Employees in the district have donated almost $150,000 in payroll deductions and donations.  By donating $100 annually through either method, you will receive a new superhero t-shirt along with several perks.  You can wear your superhero t-shirt with jeans on the first Monday of every month.  During the school year, you receive monthly coupons to local businesses during the school year.  Lastly, there is a reward for the school with the highest participation in Donate to Educate.

The CFEF engages in campus visits to sign up new members.  In a nice partnership, the Superintendent’s Fun Run benefits Donate to Educate.  The last Fun Run, which was held in February 2016, raised $53,000.  For more information on Donate to Educate, please visit our websiteTo stay up-to-date on everything happening at the Cy-Fair Educational Foundation, make sure to follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and LinkedIn!  Today’s Students, Tomorrow’s Future!