A Special Credit Card Program That Generates Donations

Think about how often you use your credit card. Whether it’s your latest trip to the grocery store, an impulse buy online, or refueling at the gas station—it’s safe to say the answer is a lot. What if you could contribute to your favorite charitable organization at no cost to you? Well, there’s a way: Cy-Fair Federal Credit Union’s (CFFCU) credit card program!

It’s pretty simple. With every transaction you make, your CFFCU credit card generates donations for the Cy-Fair Educational Foundation. When you sign up for your credit card, you have the option of designating us as the beneficiary of the transaction income shared by CFFCU. There are no additional costs to you or to our Foundation for generating donations through this program. For every signature-based transaction of $5 or more, you’re helping your community!

Like credit cards you’re used to, this program offers low rates, online banking, rewards, and other benefits. You also have two options: the Day Platinum Credit Card and the Night Platinum Credit Card. Each card offers different features. For more information on the differences between each card and additional details, visit CFFCU’s website.

While this program is one of the easiest ways to contribute to our Foundation, you have other options at your disposal as well. Our donation programs mainly consist of raising funds, employee giving, and matched giving. You also have the option to donate online directly through our website. One-time gifts, recurring gifts, tribute gifts, and employee match programs can all be taken care of from the comfort of your own computer.

Next time you pay for dinner at your favorite restaurant, think about how nice it would be to automatically generate a donation to our Foundation by simply enjoying a meal with your family. Whether you choose the Day Platinum Credit Card or the Night Platinum Credit Card, rest assured that you’re making a difference day and night.

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