Endowed Scholarship from Caldwell Companies

Caldwell Companies are long-time supporters of our Foundation. In this blog, we will highlight an endowment that the company recently established for a local student.

Founded in 1990, Caldwell Companies is a fully integrated real estate firm that specializes in commercial and residential investment and development, as well as commercial brokerage and management services. With offices in Houston, The Woodlands, and College Station, Caldwell Companies has been serving the Texas market for over 25 years. One of the things that makes Caldwell Companies stand out is its commitment to building long-term relationships. The fact that over 80% of their business comes from referrals and existing relationships is a testament to this focus.

We are proud to announce that Caldwell Companies has generously funded a $50,000 scholarship for a student who lives in Towne Lake. This is not the first time Caldwell Companies has made an impact in our community. It’s actually their second endowment. Their first one was a $100,000 endowment in memory of Adam Jackson Skinner. Adam was the son of Jeff and Jan Skinner and close family friends of the Caldwell’s. Caldwell Companies are Foundation Partners. They are both a B.F. Adam Heritage Society Endowment Partner and a Silver Endowment Partner.

Endowed scholarships are different from other types of donations. Instead of the entire amount of the gift being spent outright, the total amount is invested. Every year, only a portion of the invested income is spent while the rest is added to the original principal. This is what makes an endowment perpetual. Only the interest is used to support the Foundation while the principal continues to grow.

We thank Caldwell Companies for their generosity in funding the Towne Lake Endowment by Caldwell Companies. This endowment will have a lasting impact by giving one of Towne Lake’s residents the opportunity to pursue higher education.

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