Highlighting This Year’s Scholarships
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At the Cy-Fair Educational Foundation, the scholarship awarding process is both an exciting and daunting one. Daunting in that choosing scholarship recipients from such a great group of qualified and impressive students is a challenge. Also exciting in that these scholarships will have a lasting impact on the selected students and the community at large.

This year, with the dedication and generosity of our partners and community, we were able to award 121 scholarships for over $561,500. While each scholarship has its own criteria, in general, applicants are judged based on the following: academics (25%); activities/leadership (25%); and financial need (50%). One scholarship we’d like to highlight is the Edwin C. Schroeder Trust Scholarship. This scholarship awards an estimated amount of $1,500 for students attending Lone Star College. The total amount of scholarships varies each year based on available funding. We will have 49 Schroeder Scholars this year.   

We are thrilled to witness all that our scholarship recipients will achieve in college and beyond. With that being said, the past is a great indicator of what is to come. For example, Jeremy Crow, one of our many success stories, is one of our former scholarship recipients. Jeremy is a power options trader for Merrill Lynch Commodities. We wish him continued success!

Quality education strengthens our community by providing us with dedicated employees and by developing leaders. If you are interested in shaping the future of next year’s scholarship recipients, please consider donating online or calling Marie Holmes, our executive director, at (281) 370-0144 for more information. Our next scholarship reception will be held on August 6th. We’ll leave you with a testimonial from one of our scholarship recipients from Jersey Village in 2001: “I, without a doubt, would have been unable to attend without your generous financial support.” Cecily Norris.   

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